Pallet Projects

Pallet Projects

How often do we hear terms like reuse, re-purpose or recycle? While such terms may invoke a myriad of thoughts and experiences, I think many would agree that those words coincide nicely with the principles associated with being good stewards of our natural resources.

Although plastic and steel are popular recyclables at the industrial scale, when it comes to cost, creativity and access, it’s hard to beat what can be accomplished with a creative mind, a few basic tools and a stack of “used” pallets.

The following short video illustrates multiple pallet projects that could be the perfect addition to your home, office or cabin. Think of it. A beautiful and/or functional piece made in the USA by you.

Patchwood Products, Inc. in Hillman, Michigan has plenty of pallets just waiting for that next creation. Call today to learn more.

Pallet Projects Video
Additional Information.

Patchwood Plaza, located in beautiful northern Michigan, is the home of multiple veteran-owned and operated businesses providing high-quality goods and professional services including the manufacturing and repair of hard and soft wood pallets, paper pallets, corrugated pallets, dunnage and packaging services, boat, camper, RV warehouse and self-storage space, office space leasing, and conference facilities perfectly suited for weddings, corporate meetings and other organizational gatherings.

The businesses within the Patchwood Plaza are well experienced and take great pride in hiring veterans and leveraging the skills, integrity and patriotism of these folks to provide world class products and services to both local and global customers.

America’s future relies heavily on the innovation, creativity and competitive nature of small businesses and those fundamental, self-evident principles are at the heart of everything we produce and everything we do.